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Version 2.3.1 (with gd support)

Built on a powerpc machine (10.4.11).  May also work with Intel Macs (tested under 10.5.8).

MD5 (sarg231mac.zip) = 32c35bca7416fae43e67a0ed2b7caba7

Installation instructions (download or copy to /Applications)

cd /Applications

unzip sarg231mac.zip

sudo ln -s /Applications/Sarg/bin/sarg /usr/local/bin/sarg

sudo ln -s /Applications/Sarg/etc/sarg.conf /usr/local/etc/sarg.conf

sudo ln -s /Applications/Sarg/etc/exclude_codes /usr/local/etc/exclude_codes

sudo ln -s /Applications/Sarg/share/sarg /usr/local/share/sarg

Optional steps

sudo ln -s /Applications/Sarg/logs /var/log/squid

sudo ln -s /Applications/Sarg/squid-reports /var/www/html/squid-reports

GD library and supporting files (may be required as well, depending on configuration)

libgd-2.0.35 libgdppcmac.tar.gz
md5 dd6cdaac3e590ba44cfed769aa0bbc07

md5 666a7354122f7f1e7780795ef1ace714

libpng-1.5.1 libpngppcmac.tar.gz
md5 4820e6d9e0166e7fb5ea79be43729a16

libexpat-2.0.1 libexpatppcmac.tar.gz
md5 abb8c0b882201d1be671df05432e4a1a

libfontconfig-2.8.0  libfontconfigppcmac.tar.gz
md5 2ca81d6f319e4becf557bd83b5357889

libfreetype-2.4.4 libfreetypeppcmac.tar.gz
md5 34455c185716471543f1f4234c37cd91

zlib-1.2.5 libzppcmac.tar.gz
md5 178801239cfd559f1bb6a1d1b6642439

To compile GD yourself on a Mac, refer to the HOWTO as a starting point.


Installation instructions (download or copy to /usr/local/lib)

cd /usr/local/lib

tar zxvf

tar zxvf libjpegppcmac.tar.gz

tar zvvf libpngppcmac.tar.gz

tar zxvf

tar zxvf

tar zxvf

tar zxvf

Archived releases (without gd support)

2.0.8 (452kb dmg)
Sarg 2.0.8 Mac OS X 17 Jun 2005

Previous versions

2.0.4 (452kb dmg) Sarg 2.0.4 Mac OS X
8 Mar 2005  

2.0.2 (403kb dmg)
Sarg 2.0.2 Mac OS X
20 Dec 2004

2.0.2 (350kb zip)
Sarg Mac OS X
14 Dec 2004

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 Sept 2015

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